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Triad Cancer Connection Podcast

Apr 3, 2020

Is takeout food safe?

The short answer is YES, it's perfectly safe. And it's helping to keep our restaurants in business! With a few common-sense precautions like washing your hands before you eat, and making sure you store the food safely, it's a great way to find variety in your meal plan.

Check out NC State's information regarding takeout food and COVID-19. 

Check out these apps for your phone that help you order and pay for takeout or deliver!

  • Swipeby is an app (developed by a Wake Forest grad!) where you can find local restaurants, order, pay with credit and the restaurant has a dedicated parking spot that you park in for curbside pickup. Convenient!  
    Find SWIPEBY Here!
  • Door DashUber Eats and Grub Hub are all apps that allow you to order from restaurants, pay and have it delivered to your door! Check them out and see which one has your favorite restaurant. 

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Video content with NWAHEC About Eating Healthy While Staying Home - Watch the Video Here

5 tips shared in the video:

1.     Lower the bar on healthy eating expectations. We all have heightened stress and feel like things are out of control. Comfort foods can be helpful in creating a sense of normalcy.
2.     Be mindful about hunger cues and emotions. What you eat is less important.
3.     Keep to a routine. Including meal and snack times.
4.     Have a fruit bowl out in your kitchen.
5.     There’s nothing wrong with coffee!

Featured recipe: Med South Caviar

Gardening Ideas!

A wonderful resource that each county has is the NC Cooperative Extension! Find your county's webpage by putting the county name at the beginning of this web address: YOUR COUNTY For example, Forsyth county website is and Davie county is (do not use www with these!). They each provide advice, soil testing, insect identification and holding information sessions online. Call to find out what your county is offering!

To contact Cooperative Extension Forsyth County staff, call 336-703-2850.

To contact Davie Cooperative Extension, call 336-753-6100.


Cornell's Vegetable MD Online 

This page can help problem-solve when your vegetables aren't growing as expected.

Sprouting Seeds at Home! Info from the NC State Cooperative Extension Article Here


Learn Something New!

To find all the links and ideas from previous emails, check out our "Learn Something New" page here! -