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Triad Cancer Connection Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

This is week 4 in our 5 week program designed to guide you into a habit of gratitude in order to enhance your well-being during and after cancer treatment. This program is open to patients/survivors as well as caregivers.

This program is designed for you to do “on your own.” Let us know if you have any questions!

To register go to:

During week 4 Dr. Torelli shares about the following:

Refresher on  self acceptance/self compassion.
What is well-being and mindfulness?
Why is it important?

What are some ways to practice mindfulness?

Here’s our Gratitude Action step(s) for this week

1. Find moments for mindfulness at least once a day

2. Continue your gratitude journal! 


Prompts for this week. Use one, or more, each day!

1 Spend a few minutes focusing on your 5 senses and write down how you can you be more mindful of each.
2. What about your career or job are you grateful for?
3. What things made you laugh out loud?
4. What physical characteristics are you most grateful for?
5. Name 3 talents or qualities you have that you are grateful for.